Happy After All

Tony Barker
(C) Barker 2011


Happy After All

 It's a happy little tune, 'cause I just got through
With a long spell of bein' downhearted and Blue;
For a little while I lost track of my Horizon.

It was dark outside, and the cold wind blew
And it seemed like there was nothing else better to do
Besides hunkerin' down, and try to find a reason for rising.

And then almost without warning, some time yesterday morning,
The sun cam up and it smiled right down on me.
But I had my suspicions, it seemed like my Dark Cloud was missing;
That anything good was too good to believe...

But I looked around and I found one last part
Of my beat-up, stomped-on, kicked-around heart
Hanging on by the last thread down at the end of that rope.

And before I knew what I was gettin' into
I had that old feelin, like I felt brand new.
I thought, "What the hell, I'll just go ahead and have some Hope."

But I know what Hungry will make a man do,
And I remember every bug that I bit into,
And the apple's only shiny on the side that I can see.

I'm afraid my fear is gonna keep me afraid
Of lettin' go long enough to throw it away;
It's a part of me I never thought about setting free.

I remember yesterday morning, when that crazyfeeling was forming;
It was a long way off, like it was meant for someone else.
And the sunshine knew my History, but still it chose to hit me
With a warmth I grabbed on to all for my self...

It's a happy little tune, cause I just got through
with a long spell of being downhearted and Blue,

And if it happened to me, I know it can happen to you...