Intro to Martial Arts In The Workplace - Video (2 min.)


Introduction to "Martial Arts In The Workplace"
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Seeing Past Illusions 1


Consider the old movie cliche of a street punk, or a drunk in a bar, that unwittingly picks a fight with a Martial Artist.  According to the usual script, the Villain attacks with much enthusiasm and gets calmly "put away" by the Hero.  As with many forms of entertainment, it's part truth and part crap.


In the real world, it happens less than you might think, for a variety of reasons, but for the moment, let's take a closer look, and see what lessons there can make YOU more valuable to your employer.


The first illusion is that the aggressor wants to "fight".  That's right - the most basic assumption is all smoke and mirrors.


Much like in the rest of the Animal Kingdom...


Respect The Dojo


You will be tested.


There will come a time when you must decide what to do without clear instructions or guidance.  In that moment, if your focus is on what's good for the Company and the Customer, your choice will become clear.  Even if it's not the perfect solution, it's likely to be one that everyone can live with, until you get new information.  Those are mistakes that a Boss usually finds it easy to forgive.


If, on the other hand, you take the lazy way, or worse, make the Customer suffer in any way - even an "eye roll" - you mark yourself as a problem employee, and the Company would be better off with you working for their competitors...


The Mark


Old folks used to say, "It builds Character" (and for generations, young folks have hated hearing it), but the truth is that a person with "Character" is easily recognized by other people "with Character".  You WILL NOT make it to Management without some degree of "Character".  The person interviewing you for a job has that Mark, and they're looking for it in you, and here's why; because it's RAREand…




A person with "Character" (The Mark) walks in to a job interview with a firm handshake, looks the interviewer in the eye and says, "I'm the one you need.  You can count on me."


Without it, the applicant steps in timidly, hoping that someone "gives" them a job.  They don't really even want the job - just the paycheck - and THE INTERVIEWER KNOWS THAT!...


"Martial Arts In The Workplace"


...uses thousand-year-old-training concepts to transform entry-level employees into engaged Team Members.  A separate course, designed specifically for first-time Team Leaders and Supervisors, will focus on how to create and maintain that level of Engagement on the job.

Obviously, it's not about fighting.  It's not really about "discipline" either, although the benefits of self control are a consistent theme...