"Martial Arts In The Workplace"

"Martial Arts In The Workplace" uses thousand-year-old-training concepts to transform entry-level employees into engaged Team Members.  A separate course, designed specifically for first-time Team Leaders and Supervisors, will focus on how to create and maintain that level of Engagement on the job.

Obviously, it's not about fighting.  It's not really about "discipline" either, although the benefits of self control are a consistent theme.

Labor is almost always the biggest expense in business; whether it's the biggest asset or the biggest headache is frequently a matter of expectations.  The place where the concepts of Martial Arts and Engaged Employees come together is first in the mind.  Techniques and training, and having the right tools all matter, of course, but the true foundation is the expectation of excellence - AS DEFINED BY THE EMPLOYER - in both employees and management.

High schools (and even colleges) are institutions that exist almost exclusively for the benefit of the student.  Business have a different set of priorities, and if the new employee (even subconsciously) brings the "school" mindset into the workplace, conflict is inevitable.  Indeed, many of the "problems" that employers deal with regularly - texting and socializing on the clock, "C" grade performance of tasks, treating customers casually (or even poorly) - are actually only symptoms of the real problem; focusing on their own priorities ahead of the companies.

Martial Arts, at its most basic, is the training of the mind to function at a high level when it matters the most.  In conflict, the calm, focused mind - with a clear objective - will usually prevail, and this is true in business as well.  The body is trained to channel an opponent's force; to re-direct it, or re-apply it as needed, and the employee is trained to take the hustle and bustle of business and create satisfied customers.

Fortunately, most people - even (and especially) young people - want to be on The Best Team, and they're more than happy to do what it takes to bring that about.  The first thing for them to know is that that is what is expected!  To be sure, they also need tools and training, but with the right mind set, even if the tools breaks down or unexpected situations arise the employees and your customers still know that yours is The Best Team.

"The battle is won in the mind before the first blow is struck."
Sun Tzu, "The Art Of War"

Some people won't "get it".  That's fine; we'd rather have them working for our competitors anyway; draining their resources and sending their customers to us.

Some people don't need this information.  The oil field tends to re-align expectations fairly quickly on its own, the Military has Basic Training, and First Responders are following a Higher Calling.

For the majority of the country, however, tapping in to that "Higher Calling" mentality for new employees of a restaurant or retail store will involve doing so intentionally, and maintaining it will require consistent effort, which will be easier with the tools that I provide.

The presentation itself will draw upon my experience as a National Tournament-winning Martial Artist with years of teaching in Martial Arts and several other areas, as well as Management and real-world expertise gained in such varied industries as Manufacturing, Construction, Radio, Retail Sales, and owning small businesses.

To capture and retain the attention of my young Target Audience, I will use the skills, stage presence and entertainment value I've developed over thirty-plus years of being a professional musician, Radio personality, and comedian.